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Mother’s Day as a Surrogate Mom

“It was a very emotional moment as I looked at her face when she saw her sons for the first time. I did that. I made her a mom. My dream came true and I couldn’t have been happier for her.”

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Embracing Unstructured Outdoor Play

I was amazed to hear the statistic this week that, on average, North American children are only spending four to seven minutes a day outside playing. Last year, a UK report concluded that more than one in nine children had not visited a park, forest, beach, or other natural environment in more than a year. I’d like to think our numbers in New Brunswick would be a bit more encouraging, but that doesn’t mean we’re not catching up.


Community Corner: Welcoming Families to the Capitol Theatre

When I was small, my grandmother would take me to Mount Allison’s Convocation Hall for ballet and theatre. I’d put on my frilliest dress, best barrettes, and try my hardest to contain the overwhelming and hyperactive excitement buzzing inside me. As much as I loved the performances, the memories of what I saw on stage are honestly fuzzy at best. The venue, however, I still remember vividly.


Free Music in Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe this summer

The schedule of free music available in Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe, and surrounding areas each summer is simply incredible – and perfect for families wanting to get out and enjoy live music with kids of all ages!

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Breastfeeding Support in Moncton

The most important step? Reach out. Connect with the available supports. Ask questions to people who’ll provide you with accurate information on breastfeeding. Visit a drop-in group. And for partners, family and friends of breastfeeding moms? Please only offer advice when she asks. Ask her what she needs. Ask her if she’s connected with supports, if she needs help getting to an appointment or a drop-in group. Simply ask.

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Massage Therapist and Moncton Mom Jennifer Johnston

Pregnancy and dealing with a newborn can be stressful, and we all know that isn’t good for us or our children. When Jennifer Johnston* was expecting her second child, she found her magic stress reliever…

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Adoption in New Brunswick: Guest Post with Courtney Pringle Carver and Colin Kennedy Robichaud

I have learned to trust, which was hard for me. Jeff and Yves have been very patient, kind, and loving with me which has allowed me to trust them. In the past it was difficult for me to trust adults. I feel and know where I belong now, I never used to have that feeling. I am thankful and blessed to have my forever family.

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Why I’m thankful for the Ronald McDonald House Room in Moncton

I honestly don’t know what we would have done for meals without the kindness of strangers who keep the fridge at the Ronald McDonald Room filled with home-cooked goodness – or those few quiet moments to talk without the beeping of hospital machines filtering through.

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Over the Over-the-Top Holidays

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have fun celebrating occasions. Bake a leprechaun trap. Build a gingerbread city. Buy your family gifts when you want to. But let’s make sure we’re doing these things because they bring us joy, and create family memories, and match up with our values. Not because we feel pressured to perform. Let’s also keep that in mind when we share our stories. Not everyone can afford the same gifts or create the same experiences. Let’s post photos of smiling faces and the people we’re spending time with, not the things that surround us. You can be proud of providing for your family without broadcasting it to the world.

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Raising a Child with Down Syndrome: Guest Post by Ben Vuillemot

I find myself struggling everyday trying not to over protect him. I have to remind myself that he is fully capable of doing things on his own. I remind myself that I have to push him, not letting him take advantage of that protectiveness. He is smart and will take advantage of anyone willing to do something for him.