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Pickle Planet Podcast: When Parenting Shifts Your Business Approach

Natalie Davison is a marketer and a mother, and no stranger to sharing her story. She speaks at workshops and corporate events across the country, often sharing openly about aspects of her life. You may have even heard her speak before about her year of Nat Leave; the year she spent focusing on herself and her family, rather than her career. But you likely haven’t heard her share it from a parenting perspective, rather than a marketing one. It’s a fascinating discussion on how we form relationships with our children and with ourselves, and how focusing on better understanding herself and her children lead Natalie to her current career success.

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This is the last episode of Season One of the Pickle Planet Podcast. We’ll return in a few weeks with new weekly episodes tackling parenting topics with insightful, honest guests with stories to share. Until then, please feel free to catch up on some of our favourite episodes from the first year. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and take us along on your summer adventures!

Thanks for a great first season!

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