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Teaching Young Kids Entrepreneurship with the Mini Maker Workshop from Family Academy

Thanks to Family Academy for teaching young kids entrepreneurship – and offering our children spaces at the upcoming Mini Maker workshop in exchange for this post. Be sure to check out Pickle Planet on Facebook for a chance to send your kids, too!

Did I ever tell you how Mr. Pickle and I met? At summer camp. In Winnipeg. Back in high school (that is, the Summer of ’95).

We affectionately refer to it as Geek Camp, though the official program name is Shad Valley. It was a STEAM program like no other, long before STEAM was a buzz word.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, & math. I always described SHAD as a science and entrepreneurship camp, and our particular campus and group had a distinct flair for the dramatic creative. It was one of the most inspiring, humbling, informative, and self-awakening experiences of my life – and not just because it’s where I met the man I’d marry 15 years later. SHAD let me, a high school kid from a tiny East Coast island, spend weeks living alongside leading Canadian researchers, being pushed to think about ways in which science intersected with business, and realizing none of this was out of reach if it was what I wanted.

I want my children to have that same sense of the world. That learning is about more than classrooms and transcripts. That creative thinking goes hand-in-hand with critical analysis. That business smarts are a life skill. And I don’t want to wait until they’re in high school to start teaching those lessons.

So when I chatted with Renee Warren, Family Academy founder, about her Mini Maker Workshop, I couldn’t wait to sign my kids up!

The Mini Maker Workshop is a half-day event (coming up November 26), co-hosted by Master Mindset and Family Academy, with support from Engineers & Geoscientists New Brunswick. Young kids (single digits, ages four to nine) will work together in small groups to form a business and operate their own pallet lemonade stand.

I could keep writing about what’s going to happen and WHY I think it’s awesome – but Renee already posted it in an awesome quick little video, so why not listen to her yourself!

There – don’t you want to come now & build a lemonade stand?!

The Mini Maker Workshop takes place Sunday, November 26, 2017 at Venn Innovation Centre in Moncton. It runs from 1pm to 4pm; cost is $25/child, with light snacks provided. You can purchase tickets via Eventbrite, or head to our Facebook page for a giveaway!

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