Beauty and The Beast

Today wasn’t my best day.

I worked myself into an anxious state this morning because I didn’t give all five of us enough time to get ready to leave for a wonderful birthday party.

After the party, feeling great, we hit up Canadian Tire to replace our coffee maker, which brewed its last pot under much protest today. The kids were amazed at the fish pond as we entered the store, and I was stoked to grab a new machine and maybe wander the store. I should have known better.

Things went sideways. Carts were careening. Children were screaming. The youngest managed to run out the front door alone. So when he threw a Spider-Man toy at my face getting into the van, I walked away. Okay, I slammed the door, then walked away.

Dad kept his cool, got everyone settled, then picked me up at the other end of the parking lot. He made dinner.

And then these two got themselves dressed and invited me to the Ball. And my heart was melted and healed again.

If all you saw was this photo, you might have a certain ideal in mind about our family life. Rest assured, we are all struggling between the good and bad, the best and the worst, the love and the heartache, all the time.

beauty and the beast

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