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Remembrance Day Wreath Craft

Little Poppy, Little Poppy
Given to me, Given to me
I will wear you proudly, I will wear you proudly
For my country, For my country

(I’m not entirely sure where this poem originated; our daughter come home singing it years ago from preschool.)

Teaching young children about Remembrance Day is an important duty, but one that can also remain fun and age-appropriate.¬†This an easy craft to keep little hands busy while you talk about honouring those who choose to serve. (For more ideas on how to talk about this with children, or activities to consider, you can visit Veteran’s Affairs Canada’s website.)

Remembrance Day Wreath 


  • Egg carton
  • Paper plate
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Glue


  • Cut/tear apart the egg carton.
  • Make four roughly equal slits on each egg piece; careful not to cut all the way through.
  • Paint the egg carton pieces red. (It will look better if you can manage to paint both sides, but my little ones weren’t keen on waiting that long between steps, so one side worked just fine.)
  • Make a slit and cut the inside of the paper plate out; tape the slit back together.
  • Paint the paper plate rim; we chose green.
  • Glue the red egg carton pieces to the paper plate.
  • Add a dot of black to the centre of each poppy.

Thanks to No Time for Flash Cards for the craft inspiration.

While we worked on our wreath, the kids and I had a great conversation about why it’s important to show soldiers, current and retired, how thankful we are that they decided to help keep us safe. For thoughts on how to talk to toddlers about Remembrance Day, read Jen Pinarski’s beautiful post for Today’s Parent. Here’s part of what she had to share:

“At three and six I worry that standing at a cenotaph is an invitation for my kids to go squirrelly and be an insult to the veterans who are being recognized. Yet, explaining the history of the poppy and reading “In Flanders Fields” doesn’t seem like enough.”

Here’s another way to approach the discussion.


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