September Craft: An Apple Tree

I find it tricky to come up with crafts that relate to the season in September. Autumn colours feel too soon, summer themes a little dated. So I was thrilled when I found some great apple tree inspiration on I Heart Crafty Things.

This is a wonderfully easy craft; my 2-year-old loved it! And on a quiet Sunday morning, I was able to find all the materials on hand. (This might not be the case for everyone, but you can easily pick these up or improvise.)

As noted on the blog that inspired the post that inspired me, this activity is great for preschoolers working on fine motor skills, as well as gluing and scissor skills.


  • Background paper
  • Green tissue paper (two shades of green would be ideal)
  • Cardboard roll
  • Red buttons, various sizes
  • Glue (I used both craft glue and a glue stick, as I found the stick worked well with the tissue paper, but not as well with the buttons)
  • Tape (You could glue the roll down, but I found taping it easier)


  • Cut a cardboard roll in half; attach it to the paper.
  • Scrunch up the tissue paper and glue it to the top to create the tree.
  • Glue red buttons on the tree, and a few on the ground.

Behold your apple tree!

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