moncton blogs to follow

Moncton Blogs to Follow

Ten years ago when I was moving to Moncton from Toronto, I looked online for inspiration about my soon-to-be home. There was little in the way of an online community then, basically just a few political blogs and a couple of real estate agents who were using the medium. Lifestyle and niche bloggers (if active) were private, not showing up in online searches. There were a few websites with information about the city and life in the area, but not what I was looking for.

I jumped in, writing a few posts hosted in ‘community blog’ section of the newspaper’s website and creating a blog to share the creation of my wedding bouquet. (I also found a tight-knit group of folks cultivating a local community on Twitter, and I’m thrilled to still call many of those folks I ‘met’ online first friends. One even presided over our wedding.) I didn’t keep it up, as I was focused on other things, but I kept looking for blogs to read.

Five years ago, not much had really changed. I would surf enviously through the online journals of folks in Saint John and Halifax, wishing for similar local inspiration. Two years ago, I jumped in again, creating Pickle Planet Moncton to give parents a one-stop shop for local information, and a place to share our journeys.

And all of sudden, things have started to get busy! Over the past year, more and more local blogs have filtered into my life and I’m so happy to see our community reflected in this way.

I thought I’d share some of these blogs with you, in case you’re searching, too! (And for anyone else counting local bloggers, there are certainly more than a dozen of us now – and our numbers are growing! If you’re writing or thinking about it, feel free to reach out; a few of us like to get together once a month or so and chat, and some of us are teamed up with a larger group of East Coasters who are working to build the industry side of our sites.)

Here are 16 sites I love to visit, in no particular order. How many have you visited before today?

moncton blogs to follow

East Coast Mermaid

Crystal’s travel posts will have you itching to hop in the car and explore every beach along the North American coast!

moncton blogs to follow

East Coast Blonde

One of my newest blogging discoveries is Lisa-Marie’s lovely lifestyle blog. There’s a bit of fashion, food, family, and more on East Coast Blonde.

moncton blogs to followBoho & Braids

Fashionistas need no introduction to this blog! Sarah is a wardrobe stylist whose photos make Moncton look top notch.

moncton blogs to follow

The Petite Plantation

If you’re interested in off-grid living, unschooling, and all things sustainable, you likely already follow The Theriault family’s adventures. If you don’t, I suggest you go take a look!

moncton blogs to follow

Explore NB

I met Laura earlier this year when we were both guest speakers at a luncheon sharing summer adventure ideas. Her blog is a showcase for New Brunswick’s natural beauty and filled with hidden gems you aren’t likely to see on a tourism brochure.

moncton blogs to follow

Music Nerd

Ken Kelly is a great musician (the Monoxides!) and writer (just won an Atlantic Journalism Award!), and combines these talents perfectly. You’ll find a bit of just about every genre covered on his blog.

moncton blogs to follow

Scribbles with Nat

Looking for a hint of the old-fashioned mixed into your online reading? Natalie is working hard to remind us all to keep writing letters and sending cards in the mail. She also lets loose with a rant or two at times – and I love it!

moncton blogs to follow

Everything Unscripted

Ruth Ann was the first person to reach out to me about building our blogging community in Moncton. She’s known to many as the Coupon Lady, but her site is much more than just deals. Check her out for frugal living tips, meal plan and prep ideas, adventures with kids, and more.

moncton blogs to follow

Answer the Tully Phone

If you love contests, you must follow the Tully family! They have got some great relationships with national and international brands, and loads of great content on their site.

moncton blogs to follow

Tosh’s Trash

Go behind the scenes with K945’s Tosh Taylor for a look at life as a freelance broadcaster, voice over talent, and mom.

moncton blogs to follow

Jason Tremere

A newcomer to the local blog scene, Jason is sharing some great travel posts and has some good tips on saving money to make that travel happen.

moncton blogs to follow

A Parent’s Perspective

Carl Bainbridge shares tips and insights for all families, with a window into the world of autism. Another of the tried and true old guard, the Bainbridge family has been sharing their perspective for almost a decade.

moncton blogs to follow

How To Save Money

Steve might look young, but he’s owned this domain since 2007 – and that’s not the only savvy decision he’s made! Great tips on making the most of the money you spend, straight from a Monctonian!

The Decarie Report

I kind of hear myself when I read Graeme Decarie’s blog. Not that I necessarily share the same opinions as Mr. Decarie (who was born here in 1933), but the way he spits out random criticism and thoughts on media coverage of the day is exactly what I imagine my husband hears when I try to consume news. Once a newshound, always a newshound. (Disclaimer: I don’t always apply my same journalistic standards to this site as I expect my former colleagues to uphold – or that I practice when I occasionally reenter the newsroom. It’s one of the perks of blogging for yourself.)

Bobsroom Dot Com

Bob’s Room has been a spot on the ‘net for a long time, at least as long as I’ve been searching for Moncton blogs. It’s a fabulous retreat to what I consider the olden days of the world wide web, snippets of a life with lots of indie music references, tech savvy speak, and just a fun rabbit hole to dive into.

It’s the Economy, Stupid

Another gem that’s been around since the early days of blogging in Moncton, but continuously updated and full of interesting tidbits if you’re into political commentary and economics.

I know this isn’t ALL of the local blogs – so please, leave some links below and share the love! I’ll try to keep this list updated with new finds.








4 thoughts on “Moncton Blogs to Follow

  1. Natalie June 6, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    A blog I like to follow every week is from Jeff Nagle at The Roaming Mind.

  2. Jessica June 6, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Hi! I’m originally from Moncton and currently living in Miramichi! I would love to connect with local bloggers!

    My name is Jessica and I blog at

  3. Brea September 17, 2017 at 11:17 am

    This is so great! I am just looking to start blogging and also trying to meet people in Moncton!!!! This was a lovely find!

    • Jenna Morton September 17, 2017 at 11:23 am

      Wonderful! If you search ‘Blogging in NB’ on Facebook there’s a locally-based group that tries to meet up once a month; the next get together is this Wednesday. You should come out!

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